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Join Essential Information Group (EIG) at the Property Investor Show

Publish Date: 16 March 2017

By Beth Fox


Join Essential Information Group (EIG) at the Property Investor Show

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The Property Investor Show is for anyone looking to make money from property investment.

28th & 29th April 2017, Excel London

With 130+ exhibitors expected and 70+ seminars, presentations and panel debates scheduled, you can identify the expertise and advice you need to make the right decisions on your specific area of investment interest. It is the place for networking, obtaining reliable and up to date property market information and it is designed to cater for all levels of property experience – everyone from the novice to the seasoned investor will find an answer to their questions.

The show and seminar programme sessions are free to enter.


Show Highlights 

Look out for EIG Managing Director, David Sandeman in the schedule of seminars which are your chance to listen and learn. 

David is well-known as a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who is widely respected throughout the Auction Industry. He will be available to take questions at the end of the seminar session or take the opportunity to chat to him at our EIG exhibition stand - we hope to see you there.

28th April                      David Sandeman:        Why the Auction Room really can be your new best friend                         1.15 pm   (Room 3) 
29th April                      David Sandeman:        Why the Auction Room really can be your new best friend                         12.15 pm (Room 3)              

As the shortage of new build property remains and seems likely to remain a reality in certain parts of the UK (especially London and the South East), many investors have identified the auction room as a sensible source of new property investments. But for those unfamiliar with the environment, traditions and protocols, the auction room can seem a forbidding place to enter, this really should not be the case.

In this session, David Sandeman (the UK's definitive commentator and information source on UK auctions) will debunk the myths and mystique surrounding auctions and prepare the auction buyer for what to expect and why they should take this important property source very seriously.

View the full schedule of seminar events here:


For full information on the show and how to get there visit:

Come and chat to the team at the EIG exhibition stand, we hope to see you there.