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Premier Property Club Birmingham - Auction Blockbuster Panel Event

Publish Date: 27 February 2018

By Beth Fox


Premier Property Club Birmingham - Auction Blockbuster Panel Event

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Auction Blockbuster Panel Event - How to Buy, Sell and Profit From Auctions

Premier Property Club (PPC) Birmingham

With David Sandeman, Founder of Essential Information Group, Scott Hendry from Together Finance and MS Law Shimon Rudich
Details: 07.03.18 | Clayton Hotel Birmingham | Doors open 6:30pm
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We’re excited to announce that the heads of the UK Property Auction Market are coming together for this month’s panel event, providing information on the strengthening position that auction properties are having within the investment and development industry. 

As a property investor or someone looking to step foot into the industry:
Did you know that auctions are vast becoming the mainstream choice by a wide range of both buyers and sellers?
Following the 3% surcharge for buy-to-let properties as a property investor are you looking at a different alternative when it comes to building your property portfolio?
Or maybe you’re new to the market and you’re interested in finding out how you can secure property fast and by a straightforward process?
At your next Premier Property Club (PPC) event, in Birmingham on the 7th March we’ll be hosting an auction panel with 4 industry experts. Debating, discussing, inspiring and motivating you, as to why auctions and properties are a profitable way forward.

This is the first time these industry elites will come together to provide delegates with the information YOU need to hear, and know, to make those informed decisions.
How to Buy, Sell and Profit From Auctions With Expert Speakers
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In particular the panel will be assessing:
How much you should be paying for property at auction.
How to find discounted properties - where to look and who to ask.
How to assess your competition and what you can do differently.
How to raise finance for the Auction lots. Different lending options available and most suitable to you.
How you also don’t have to compromise on price.

Our panel of auction experts include:
Mr David Sandeman, entrepreneur and founder of the innovative, pioneering company Essential Information Group (EIG) – the hub of property auctions. David has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and his extensive knowledge and understanding of the market is continuously sought after, making it a pleasure to have David attending this month’s PPC panel event in Birmingham.
David understands first-hand about purchasing property at auction as he not only built his own portfolio this way but his company EIG is built on the ethos 'to provide users with comprehensive, accurate and independent information on reporting in the UK property auction industry`.
David wants to make sure that delegates leave with all of the information needed to make educated and informed decisions – things to consider when buying at auction, with specific examples of deals done `in the room` and the resulting profit margins.
We also have adding to this extraordinary panel, Mr Scott Hendry from Together Finance, an expert when it comes to understanding how to raise capital and auction finance. Scott understands what is needed when it comes to short-term lending and he will be sharing this insight with our property investors and developers at the event.
Understanding that real-life decisions can’t always be made by machines, our panel of experts show you how auctions can provide something for everyone. Properties can come in all shapes and sizes and suit all financial budgets.
Key Event Details
Venue: Clayton Hotel, Albert Street, Birmingham, B5 5JE
Start: 6:30pm doors open for networking, speakers begin at 7pm. 
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Our speakers are at the top of the league when it comes to operating within the auction industry.
The PPC Birmingham event is an opportunity for you to put YOUR questions forward and get the answers and information you need to take your investments forward.
The evening will provide great conversation and discussion around how buying property is not only secure but it is also a fast way for you to buy and sell. For example if you have unprofitable property sitting within your portfolio, have you considered making a quick sale?  Or are you looking to expand your portfolio or start out in the property investment market quickly and at reasonable prices? Without all of the paperwork and timescales.

Premier Property Club (PPC) events are for you to take your property investing to the next level. The Premier Property Club (PPC) events allow you to learn from UK Leading property Experts, Network with like-minded individuals, and be part of a supportive community.