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On average 17% of lots fail to sell at auction and these offer an ideal post auction opportunity. Simply view the property and the legal documents and if you are happy with them both then make an offer, which if accepted, will mean you will be invited to exchange contracts under auction conditions and the property will be yours.


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If you were looking for lots coming to auction you could try widening your area of search, (the 'Draw a map' tool in detailed search is ideal for this) or expanding the guide price range if you set one.

If your search was for historic data, again you could widen your geographic area or the property type you were searching on.

Please note that at any one time there will be approximately 2,000 to 3,000 lots listed for sale at auction.Our historic data covers over 800,000 lots going back 25 years.

Finally, do feel free to call a member of the EIG team who will be glad to assist you with your search selections.

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