Case Study

EIG subscriber - 'It can save you a lot of money in avoiding errors!'

Publish Date: 20 July 2017

By Beth Fox


EIG subscriber - 'It can save you a lot of money in avoiding errors!'

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Member Case Study 

We are committed to customer satisfaction and always chatting to our members to hear their feedback, here's what Mr Bedward thinks of EIG:    
What made you want to subscribe?

I’d been looking at auctions for years though I’ve not bought a massive amount in auction. It was the collating of all the information in one place, it just seemed an easy way to bring it all together. Somebody has already done it for you, and it gives you a step ahead of where you were and a step ahead of maybe people who don’t have that, where I was before, so all the information in one place.
It was basically like a 'Rightmove for auctions' for me!   

Did you think that you could get the information elsewhere before you started using the EIG service?
Not all of it, I could get information but obviously the stuff that I couldn’t get was if it had been through auction before, so swotting up on property that was bouncing around in auctions was a red flag or a query. 

We know it’s not an insignificant sum that you invest in membership, do you have any regrets? 

No, it’s well worth the money. 

It can save you a lot of money in avoiding errors. It can give you information that stops you buying a property and vice versa.

I think it was £450 I paid last year, which to me it’s worth it for the information you get, having it altogether and the speed you get it. 
Have you bought many properties at auction?
Over the years I’ve probably only bought 4 or 5, EIG helped with only some of those, because early on I didn’t have a subscription.

It’s given me the information I needed really, not just to buy them but knowing more and reducing the risk. 

How did you hear about our service in the first place?
There was a guy called David Humphreys who does a lot of auction stuff and he did a talk at a Property Investor Network (PIN) meeting and he mentioned EIG. I’d heard the name but didn’t really know anything about it, that’s where it was. 

Did you do a trial?
No, I just looked at it and signed up straight away. 

We’d like to use your comments to help those considering EIG to give them an idea from a member of what the benefits are …
That’s brilliant, I go to auctions all the time and to be fair even talking to people you can see that they haven’t got the information they should have and maybe the service would be great for them.

Mr C. Bedward - Property Developer, West Midlands



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