Tools & Services

Here you will find a number of tools which can help you work out your finances, yield expectations and many more.

Mortgage Calculator

Our mortgage calculator will work out exactly how much you have to pay throughout the duration of your mortgage.

Just enter your term, interest rate and borrowing amount and our sophisticated calculator will do the rest.

Auction Finance

Essential Information Group has teamed up with Together Auction Finance to make competitive and efficient bridging finance available to buyers at auction, with rates starting at just 0.75% per month.

1982 Data

Capital Gains Tax valuations are based on 1982 values. We have data on over 18,500 properties sold at auction between 1st January 1981 and 31st December 1983.
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EIG Calculators
We have a number of calculators built to help you with each aspect of buying a property at auction.

Guide to buying

The ultimate guide to buying a property at auction.

Follow our 22 steps to help with a smooth purchasing process

Auctioneer services

We offer a range of services aimed at helping auctioneers, including:

  • Legal document management
  • Website design and hosting
  • Online auction bidding
  • And much much more