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EIG as a mature property auction portal are now hosting online auctions for many property auctioneers.

Since offering the first online lot on behalf of an auctioneer back in March 2014, we have gone on to sell 10,614 lots for 195 auctioneers, and have had over 201,067 bids placed. For each of the 195 auctioneers, we have equipped them with a fully branded website, that has been modified where necessary to suit their particular requirements.

No two auctioneers are the same, and they benefit from the uniqueness of the design and layout with very little if any reference to ourselves. In this respect we are unique. Not only do we deliver a secure bidding platform, but we also manage seamlessly the requirements for AML checks on bidders as well as securing the payment of a deposit, prior to a person bidding.

For more information about this or other services, please contact David Sandeman either on 01737 232289 or davids@eigroup.co.uk

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Why online property auctions?

Online auctions offer a modern and accepted way to sell property in an auction environment

Why EIG?

EIG has the experience, having sold hundreds of lots for a variety of auctioneers over the past 6 years

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