Award Winning Services for property auctioneers

Our services are used by property auctioneers nationwide and assist with the daily running of their businesses.

We provide a number of software packages which give auction houses an efficient way to manage their information and the services they provide.

Our cloud based software systems allow for a variety of services from web to print solutions, API data outputs, data collection and hosting solutions. Behind the scenes we are busy providing the auction industry with a range of services that are crucial to the smooth running of their businesses.

Online Auctions

EIG offer an online auction platform using the latest real-time bidding technology.

With many auctioneers making online auctions a success with over 47,000+ lots sold and 985,000+ bids placed, we look forward to developing the online property market even further.


The auctioneer has a large screen in the room for the benefit of the attendees that not only shows the lot number, address and photo of the lot, but also the current bid. In addition most auctioneers choose to broadcast this live over the internet and add in a live video stream as well.

Legal Documents

The system is used by over 120 auctioneers and for over 70% of all lots offered in the UK. Currently we have over 2,000,000 documents downloaded from our server every year which equates to a document being downloaded every 15 seconds (24/7).

Auction Management System

AMS gives you full control over your auction data. Enter your data directly into our powerful control panel, and instantly preview your catalogue lot pages and generate PDF proofs to send direct to your clients.

Bidder Registration

A service that allows potential bidders to register online and upload personal ID information so that the auctioneer can verify their identity online and authorise them to bid.

Auction Passport

An authentication and login system for all buyers and sellers to login to multiple auctioneer websites and services with a single username and password.