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Every member is a VIP at EIG!

Publish Date: 26 October 2018

By Beth Fox


Every member is a VIP at EIG!

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What to expect from EIG ...

As a relatively low value prospective investor in property, circa £40k in the UK, I have written this feedback for others who may be considering similar, so that they can know what to expect from the EIG brand and service.

My first contact with EIG was through another website where their link came up.

The EIG site got me hooked immediately by virtue of the properties at all values in the market, and a full range of search devices. All contributing to one of the most informative and data driven property sites I have ever used.

After signing up, EIG gave me 2 weeks of free site access with additional services as one would expect. What I didn't expect was a phone call the next day from Mary, offering a guided tour of all the facilities and systems that the EIG site. Prior to that, I had a brief call with David.

What follows is the ISP that this company provides: Both Mary and David provide immediate confidence to the user. How is that so? is a good question.

I think it is in their unique care for the needs of the user - the 'new customer'. It shines through in their manner. Remember that this a company operating in an industry that can have individuals who with the best intent, perhaps sell a little too hard. 

So what is the ISP I perceived?

Real and genuine care for the plans and needs of the individual, and that based upon a clear foundation of mature communications and learned market experience. Safe hands here I think.

Thank you Beth, Mary and David.

OldDanB - Rochester, Kent


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