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How EIG gives you the best chance of securing the right property at auction

Publish Date: 04 January 2018

By Beth Fox


How EIG gives you the best chance of securing the right property at auction

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How EIG can help...

The 4 key features of the EIG site that give you the best chance of securing a property at auction:

1. Coverage

We cover virtually every property auction in the UK and are constantly on the lookout for auctioneers we are not aware of, giving you the best possible coverage of the auction market near you.

2. Instant Updates

We strive to get the lots on our system and out to you as soon as they are released for sale, maximising the time you have to view the lot and do your due diligence.

3. Comprehensive Search Functionality

Our database search parameters are very detailed allowing you to be quite specific in what you are looking for.

These include:

- Detailed location input either by town, postcode etc, or drawing your own area on a map. 

- Specify guide price range, specify tenure and tenancy options as well as property type. 

- The results you get can be ordered by price and auction date and viewed in list or grid format as well as being displayed on a map.

Should commercial lots be of interest you, one can additionally search by lease end date, vendor (if stated) and well as tenant (if stated).

4. Auction Elerts

Finally, and perhaps most importantly you can set up multiple 'Auction Elerts' where you set out the criteria of the lots you are looking for, and the moment a potential match is entered into our database you are notified by email. In addition, as soon as it has been offered we advise you whether it sold, and if so for how much, and if it didn't sell what the 'available at' price is.

This means that for very little effort nothing will come to auction without you knowing about it, and you will see the results of all lots, sold or unsold, that match your criteria.

No other service or website can come close to this.

The best way forward

Firstly, you need access to, as this is the only site with information on virtually every lot coming to auction and the price achieved for those already offered. In a nutshell, without the knowledge you will get from our website you will be in the dark. You will not have full visibility of what is coming up for sale and you will not know what similar properties have sold for!

To remind you of a famous quotation: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"!

With access to our site you will have two eyes and not just one!

Best regards,

David Sandeman, EIG Managing Director


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