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EIG Newsletter - Essential Auction News, September 2016

Publish Date: 15 September 2016

By Beth Fox


EIG Newsletter - Essential Auction News, September 2016

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Welcome to the September newsletter that looks back at auction activity in August and preceding periods.

The traditionally quiet month of August has yielded a surprisingly positive set of auction results. In the 48 auctions held across the UK last month, lots offered was up 15% to 960 lots, lots sold up 20% to 670 lots and the amount raised also up 20% to £62M.

Whilst one swallow doesn't make a summer (especially given the much smaller than average sample set), the industry will certainly welcome the increased activity and approach the busy Autumn period ahead with renewed confidence.

I do hope that you are enjoying this prolonged period of fine (albeit late) Summer weather.

National Auction Analysis

In the residential market lots offered increased 15% in August, from 763 lots to 880 lots, whilst lots sold increased 18% from 517 lots to 609 lots and the amount raised gained £9M to total £57M. The recent market falls prior to August have had an adverse effect on the rolling quarterly figures, which are down in all 4 of the metrics measured, but encouragingly the rolling yearly figures are still showing increases on the previous year - notably the double-digit rise in the amount raised (+10%).

The commercial market made large gains in August, with double-digit rises in all 4 metrics, although one shouldn't read too much into the surge given the very small sample size that we're reporting on.

As ever I welcome any feedback you may have regarding the newsletters or indeed the wider market in general.

Kind regards

David Sandeman

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(Source - September 2016 Newsletter Edition)