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I’ve retired 10 years early! - A subscriber success story

Publish Date: 31 March 2016

By Beth Fox


I’ve retired 10 years early! - A subscriber success story

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Taking the first steps into buying property at auction can be daunting!

I'm a retired farmer now, at the time I was a tenant farmer looking to do something different as well. As I retired from farming I carried on buying properties, finishing them off and moving them on. I've bought 4 in all at auction now, but before I'd never been able to track the things down within the area, I just couldn't find them. It was a young lad at Savills Auctioneers who recommended EIG.

The first property I bought was at an auction in July 2010. It was the right property in the right area and had a lot of potential.

I paid £450,000, refurbished it and sold it for £990,000. As you can see it's been a very good investment!

I would never have found it because it was a shortlisted property it was listed halfway through them going out, I would have only had 20 days to find it which I wouldn't have done without EIG so they started me off.

I set up my EIG Elerts to focus on exactly what I'm looking for within my area, including land. Every time an Elert comes through telling me preliminary lots or about an auction in my area I go on there to assess them.  It's an excellent service with the link for the legal pack, I download the legal packs and go from there. You can pluck out little gems from these Elerts that I wouldn't necessarily have found even on the catalogue because it highlights it to me instead of wading through 400 lots.

I look for anything and everything from a country property on the edge of a village to one in the middle of a town. It's the area I know, so I have a good knowledge of it and it's all within distance for my trades. EIG keeps me apprised of what's happening within the area and I've always got funds available in case something exceptional comes along to buy. Even when I'm not going to do anything for a couple of months, and then, hang on one comes along! So without the Elerts I wouldn't be looking and I wouldn't be made aware of them.

I stay with EIG because it has everything there I need, it's an excellent service, saves a vast amount of time, enables me to buy properties I would have missed and enabled me to retire very comfortably.

I've retired 10 years earlier than I ever would have been able to, it's been incredibly good for me.

(Source - An EIG subscriber success story from Mr Johnson in Essex, now a retired farmer)