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Table of Twelve Mentorship Programme invites David Sandeman to present on property auctions

Publish Date: 05 May 2016

By Beth Fox


Table of Twelve Mentorship Programme invites David Sandeman to present on property auctions

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David Sandeman joins Trevor Cutmore to host the Table of Twelve mentorship group for a bespoke evening, leading a three hour interactive presentation to the members explaining property auctions over dinner.

Wednesday 4th May 2016


David commented:

"The intimate size of the group allowed each member plenty of opportunity for questions and they enjoyed a healthy debate across the whole topic of 'How to buy at Auction', including: cradle to grave and plenty of tips... such as how to avoid duds!

I always ask my audiences the question “What is a guide price?"  and it is very rare to get the right answer, this group was the closest!"

(Correct Answer: The guide price is a very good indication and close to where the reserve is going to be set by the auctioneer and the reserve is the minimum price that the auctioneer can sell it for on the day)


Event host, Trevor Cutmore commented:

"The sit down evening event is a more initimate setting than the usual delivered presentation format and the group really benefitted from getting the inside 'golden nuggets' by being able to drill down with certain parts of what David was delivering. A lot of people were shocked by the special conditions we were looking at and the sort of landmine they can be, as well as the other dangers about buying at auctions. The group thoroughly enjoyed David's openess and accessiblity."

Ahead of the evening event the group had done some preparation work by following a current London auction. They have paid special attention to reviewing and understanding the legal documents and conditions of sale. The group are looking forward to taking the next step together with David next week, when they will be visiting the auction they have been following to experience the process live in action!