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Unparalled level of commitment from new EIG employee!

Publish Date: 22 November 2018

By Beth Fox


Unparalled level of commitment from new EIG employee!

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The EIG Team Expands

It's a busy time at EIG and we recently welcomed Dominic Callender to the team to support our expanding activity across all levels of the business.

Expect the unexpected ...

It was with some amusement that a few days after Dom started and he drove to work we noticed his car in the car park had one very distinguishing feature. 

The Northern Irish number plate on Dom's car just happened to be a very special one bearing the initials 'EIG'!


Rolling out the corporate branding ...

Dom hadn't noticed the coincidence himself but maybe it's the start of something!  

This standard issue number plate has now found it's way home to the EIG carpark. 


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