Our People

Our talented team of staff embody the core company values & focus on offering you a professional service, personalised support & delivering customer satisfaction. Working for EIG is not just a job as each team member strives to achieve the aims & aspirations of the business. The team comprises a core of loyal & committed staff who have been with the business for up to 20 years complimented by newer staff members as the business has grown & flourished in new directions.

As an example of putting the customer first, in designing our new EIG website our first thought for the project was what was best for the user in each instance with no regard for what that would involve developmentally, we then focused on how to make that happen.

David Sandeman

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director and have been since 1990. My role is to manage the business and to drive the development of new services whilst constantly looking at ways with the team to improve the existing offering. I spend a lot of time talking with both subscribers, auctioneers and the press about all aspects of EI Group and no two days are the same.

Outside of work: Outside of work I spend as much time as I can with my wife and two teenage children, and have a passion for boating.

*Little known fact: At the age of 17 sailed into the Guinness book of records by becoming the youngest person ever to sail the Atlantic singlehanded.

David Leary


I have been with the company since 1996 and started as an office junior. I am a director and assist with the running of the business and product development. My main focus is on operations and technology. I enjoy spending a lot of time talking to auctioneers and coming up with ways of making life easier for them through the use of technology.

Outside of work: There are three passions in my life. My family who I try to spend all my time with, technology in all areas and football of which I am an avid Spurs fan.

*Little known fact: A proud moment for me took place at school. I was asked to assist the computing teacher in showing the teachers themselves how to use Microsoft Word and Lotus 1-2-3.

Jade Shrubsole

Head of Client Services

Joined: I joined EIG in September 2004.

Role: I look after and oversee all of the auctioneer services that we provide. My favourite part of my job is meeting the Auctioneers and forming long term relationships.

Interests: My hobbies include socialising, cooking and going for walks with my French bulldog.

Tom Sheppard

Service Implementation Manager

Joined: September 2001

Role: My role primarily involves working with the development team to plan, manage and implement new tasks and projects for the multitude of services we provide. The day-to-day work is extremely varied, with no two days ever the same and this makes it both exciting and refreshing.

Interests: Outside of work most of my free time is spent with family; my 'energetic' 3 year old daughter leaving little time for anything else! As a result I am well-educated in the characters and themes tackled in Peppa Pig and an expert in play-doh removal. In my previous life I did enjoy travelling, mountain-biking and occasional DJ-ing.

*Little known fact: I was once a ball-boy at Wimbledon tennis championships.

Rob Ramagge

Technical Services Manager

Joined: September 2009

Role: At EIG I help with the day to day running of the admin team, I provide statistics to auctioneers and clients, manage the smooth running of technical services provided by EIG including the live auction streams and online bidding. I also work alongside the auctioneers to help them create their catalogues using our auction management system.

Interests: I enjoy cycling both on and off road, classic cars and photography.

Bruce Wilson

Senior Services Advisor

Joined: I started with EIG on 1st March 2001.

Role: I enjoy helping those who are new to auctions, showing them how to use our service in selecting the right property in a professional and profitable manner. It is really rewarding to see our many clients able to build good solid portfolios.

Hobbies: I just love sailing! anything from fast on the edge beach cats to leisurely 50ft monohulls also playing classical guitar and piano/keyboard.

*Little known fact: Recently moved from the UK to the Dominican Republic and now works remotely from his beach hut!

Mary Sandeman

Senior Client Services Advisor

Joined: I've been lucky enough to have been with the company since its inception.

Role: My role has developed over the years from data inputting, recording results at the auctions for the live link to the database, to showing potential clients around the database, telephone support for our users and attending exhibitions. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of ensuring our customers stay with us and obtain maximum benefit from using our system.

Interests: My hobbies include travel, car booting, swimming and keep fit, reading and boating.

David Best

Financial Controller

Joined: I have been with EIG since February 1999.

Role: Everything Accounts and HR.

Interests: Outside of work I enjoy food, wine and travel.

Beth Fox


Joined: July 2015

Role: I started when we had the original EIG website in place and I have loved being part of bringing the new website to life. My favourite part of the role is being creative with language and visuals, talking to our members and developing relationships with the auctioneers. I get to hear great feedback about the team and the services we offer and progress new suggestions.

Interests: I manage to squeeze in time for art classes and book club around caring for my six year old twins. We enjoy family dog walks in the woods where we live when we are taking a break from our ongoing live-in renovation project.

*Childhood ambition: As a young, keen swimmer most happy underwater my childhood dream was to be a dolphin trainer.

Chris Atkin

Auction Co-ordinator

Joined: November 2015.

Role: I assist auctioneers in the preparations for their auctions, I also go to auctions, set up the equipment for streaming and control the bidding on the screen using the SaleVision software. I enjoy interacting with the auctioneers and clients daily.

Interests: I love sport, especially football, tennis, skiing and going to the gym. I also have an avid interest in design and photography.

*Favourite photography subject: I have a fascination with abandoned places & went to an old mushroom factory for a conceptual art project. I did a tour of Wimbledon and then photoshopped a sink hole onto centre court.

Liam Bristow

Auction Co-ordinator

Joined: February 2017

Role: On a day-to-day basis I’ll be liaising with both the auctioneers and the general public, to ensure the best possible experience for anyone using our website or services. Occasionally I also attend some of the London auction events to represent the company and set up the live-stream feed for our website.

Interests: When I’m not in the office I’ll either be writing or spending time with friends.

*Lifesyle: I’m a passionate vegan and love travelling to new restaurants to experience different cuisines.

Amber-Jade Engel

Auction Co-ordinator

Joined: April 2018

Role: I am part of the admin team dealing with all aspects of auction admin support and on occasion I travel to London auctions to set up and run the live streaming of the auction.

Interests: I am a makeup enthusiast! I love to paint faces, I enjoy eating food and socialising.

Adam Rowe

Web Developer

Joined: I joined EIG in August 2015.

Role: My primary role at EIG is web design and development. I work alongside our team of developers to create auction websites but I specialise in our Online Auction platform. I’m a strong believer that the online method of sale is the way forward!

Interests: My interests are occasionally running, cooking and computer hardware.

*Little known fact: I grew up riding horses and I wanted to be a jockey but at the age of 15 I was 6' so I replaced my interests with computers.

Andy Dalton

Senior Software Developer

Joined: I started at the company in 2011.

Role: I’m a software developer and am responsible for helping to build and maintain solutions for internal use and for use by our clients. I enjoy the variety of work we do and the passion that the team brings to building great solutions.

Interests: Developing started as a hobby and continues to be so even now. When not developing, I tend to be reading. Mainly fiction, pretty esoteric and not really one genre

*Nickname: The Stig, very mysterious and top class at what he does in his profession.

Francisco Rodriguez

Software Developer

Joined: October 2015.

Role: I develop and maintain the website and company applications. I love using new technologies and improving visual style.

Interests: I love box sets, movies and music. I am a creative person full of happiness.

*Favourite Music: Requiem Mozart

Jonathan Purdom

Software Developer

Joined: January 2017

Role: Developing and maintaining the EIG applications and websites. I am always looking for ways to automate and script tasks to assist with the development and testing of our products. I really enjoy working with the team here as I have developed for many years but am recently new to web development.

Interests: I really enjoy listening to music and discovering new artists, my perfect moment was listening to Minor Victories at the Brighton Centre.