1. We aim to list every single property coming to auction on our website.*
  2. We endeavour to list new lot details on our website as soon as the information is available.
  3. We are happy to offer you a money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the service.**
  4. We would never automatically renew your subscription, we will contact you personally to ensure that you wish to renew your membership.
  5. We always aim to deal with your query or request quickly and professionally and hopefully to your complete satisfaction.
(*We may not list lots if the auctioneer is unwilling to publish results, currently there are only two auctioneers who do not publish results that we are aware of.)
(**See our terms and conditions of business clause 5.7)

We like to do things a little differently here at EIG and our commitment to putting our customer’s needs first is evident in the service we offer you through to the details of our terms & conditions.

About our commitment to our members

  • As an example of how we like to do things differently, we recently reviewed our terms & conditions and the company lawyers put in the standard clause that every subscription renews automatically - this was the first clause that David took out as customer satisfaction is our priority. At renewal time we take pride in contacting our members in person to confirm they wish to renew.
  • Under the Consumer Protection Act every individual member has 14 days to cancel if not satisfied, here at EIG this clause has been extended in our terms & conditions to also include every business member with EIG as this is how we would wish to be treated.