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What our members say:

  • "EIG's website is invaluable to me"
  • "The website is crucial to our sort of work"
  • "I think it's a first class service"
  • "It's a quick & easy way of getting information, information is king"
  • "It works remarkably well"

Auctioneer comments:

  • "We find EIG a great tool for promoting our property auctions and our business in general. It is also a useful tool to find up to the minute information for what other auctions are happening in our area and nationally and what properties are being sold for"
  • "EIG are the most significant partner to the auction industry, an essential tool for anyone serious about buying, selling or practising within the industry"
  • "The one and only auction information website we ever recommend"
  • "EIG provide an invaluable service to anyone involved in the property auction industry"